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To assist in bringing about an independent analysis of development policies, initiatives,
projects, and programs introduced and implemented by local/state/federal governments,
civil-society, private-sector, and international donors in order to enhance their efficacy and impact.

  Our Promises

  • Intellectual Curiosity & Rigor
  • To Understand the Causes of Things
  • Spirit of Excellence


  • Competitive Advantage
  • Breakthrough Leadership


  • Reduce Risk
  • Value Added

  What is Monitoring?

Monitoring is the systematic collection, analysis and subsequent use of information collected from projects and programmes. It is vital to enable:

  • Effective decision making
  • Learning from past actions
  • Accountability for resources being used

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   Cornerstone Associates
  What is Evaluation?

The evaluation process assesses the information collected through monitoring in an objective manner in order to demonstrate whether activities and outcomes are relevant, effective, efficient, and sustainable and whether desired impacts are being achieved.
Monitoring and evaluation are complementary, both are necessary to engage and satisfy the range of stakeholders in any monitoring and evaluation intervention. This process enables:

  • Effective governance of projects and programmes
  • Demonstration of value for money and outcomes from funded programmes
  • Continued learning resulting in continuous improvement
  • Transparency from inception through to the realisation of outcomes and benefits
RED Universal Consulting is uniquely placed to help you with your monitoring and evaluation needs.

   Our Clients

   Getwele Natureceuticals a Division of the Awele Clinics
   Dynamic Solutions Support Ltd
   NigInvest Partners
   WELLCHILD Promotion Organization of Nigeria
   The Education Partnership (TEP Centre)
   Nigerian Leadership Initiative (NLI)

We are the Unmatched Choice if you:

  • Are looking for a consultant to help create a monitoring and evaluation system or toolkit?
  • Need advice on communication or stakeholder management strategy development?
  • Want to gain accreditation for training initiatives?
  • Want to further engage and understand your work force through opinion employee surveys or streamline your business processes and improve performance?

Whatever your needs may be, our team of expert trainers and consultants can work with you to develop an effective solution that is tailored for your organisation. Consultancy support is available in many forms including workshop facilitation, coaching, mentoring, research implementation, and evaluation report writing. Let us know what you need and we will identify the best way to assist.