Discovering New Ways of Analytical & Evaluative Thinking

RED Universal Consulting provides training via instructor led formats. Our training is internally accredited to provide
recognition for learning achievement. We have a scheduled open programme and also offer in-house and bespoke offerings
to meet your needs.

We Offer (3) Workshop Courses:


This 3 day instructor led course is designed for individuals who are new to the field of monitoring and evaluation or those who wish to formalise their existing understanding which has been developed through work based experience.
The course considers important concepts and activities from inception through to outcome evaluation and additionally includes valuable project management and leadership techniques. The course includes a series of activities and assignments as part of the learning process. Reference is made to case studies which are also considered during the course.


  • To provide an introduction to what is meant by monitoring and evaluation
  • To develop an understanding of when and how to use recognised tools and techniques for monitoring and evaluation
  • To develop a monitoring and evaluation report
  • To gain an understanding of a monitoring and evaluation process
  • To develop awareness of how to manage monitoring and evaluation stakeholders such as overseas program directors, international donors/partners, and independent reviewers

Introduction to M&E
The course starts with an introduction to, and overview, of the monitoring and evaluation process. A framework is introduced which is used through the course.

Initial Planning
Consideration is given to the initial planning requirements when developing a monitoring and evaluation system.

Designing a Monitoring & Evaluation Process
Consideration is given to the important elements that make up the design of a monitoring and evaluation process. Methods and techniques to achieve this successfully are considered together with the associated pros and cons.

The elements required to successfully plan and deliver a project are considered with tools and techniques that will assist with scope planning and delivery together with stakeholder management.

Collecting & Information Analysis
Data and information collection and analysis tools are considered together with appropriate and effective usage and application. Consideration is given to pros and cons of different approaches together with decisions which must be made regarding information storage and knowledge management.

A core part of the monitoring and evaluation process involves reporting to a variety of stakeholders. This session considers some of the common reports which must be produced together with best practice with reference to report writing.

Effective Decision-Making
Throughout the monitoring and evaluation process, decisions need to be made as to how to proceed and how to respond to information that is being gathered. This session explores techniques that can be used to ensure that the decisions reached are in the best interest of the project/intervention, organization and are supported by stakeholders.

Managing Resistance and Conflict
Any project delivering change will meet with resistance and conflict. Common causes of difficulty are considered together with techniques used to mitigate and resolve such conflicts upon occurrence.

Learning from M&E Evaluation Projects
Lesson-learning and feedback are vital to the monitoring and evaluation process. The importance and use of lessons learned is considered together with how these can be used within the project during the project's duration and post-implementation after completion. Finally, structures for capturing these lessons are presented.


This 4 week accredited course is designed for individuals who are actively involved in the Monitoring and Evaluation process within their organizations and for those who intend to be in the near future. This second course is at a more advanced level so we recommend enrollment on our Introduction to M&E course first.

The course examines a plethora of tools and techniques available to a practitioner. A number of case studies will be considered through the course
and delegates will be expected to complete project assignments for assessment through the course. Within the 4 weeks duration, there is a minimum of 7.5 hours participant input per week. Since the course is instructor lead, participants can interact at a time most suitable for their schedule.


  • Understanding the Internal and External Strategic Environment
  • Developing a Sound Research Model for Approval
  • Gathering Requirements for a M&E Project
  • Managing Stakeholders in a M&E Project
  • Effective Risk Management & Mitigation within Projects
  • Communication Management
  • Delivering Effective M&E
  • Lesson-learning and Developing an effective M&E Culture
  • Delivering Sustainable Impacts within Projects


The course is designed for anyone who wishes to discover more
about monitoring and evaluation or practitioners who wish to design
and implement a monitoring and evaluation system.


  • Demonstrate the importance of results based management in a project or institution
  • Equip participants to follow results based management principles
  • Enable participants to build a monitoring and evaluation system to measure results  

This practical course will enable participants to understand what is required to develop a monitoring and evaluation system that really works. The course covers a range of topics including: