"Excelling through results measurement, intelligent analytics, & Performance management."

RED Universal Consulting

Is a specialist consultancy providing customized Research, Planning, Project Support Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), and Advisory Services in economic-development, governance, education, health, power, and renewable energy sectors within the international development arena.


To be a world-class consulting firm that is at the frontline blazing the trail within the research, performance-management, and international development advisory sector delivering exceptional-value and solutions to our clients thereby contributing constructively to their decision-making.


To assist the private-sector; local, state, and federal governments; academia; civil society; donor community; and multilateral institutions in our chosen practice areas through an independent design, analysis, implementation, and evaluation of solutions, policies, interventions, projects, programs, and initiatives in sustainable development.

Practice Areas

  • Housing & Construction
  • Water-Systems
  • Power-Generation
  • Renewable Energy: Solar-Hydro-Biomass-Wind
  • Rural Electrification
  • Rural Development & Micro Enterprise Livelihoods
  • Agro-Business
  • Urban & Rural-Education
  • Good-Governance
  • Health Systems

Our Values

  • Professional-Integrity
  • Cooperative-Synergy
  • Innovation
  • Prudence
  • Equity & Sustainability

Our Promises

  • Intellectual-Curiosity and Rigor
  • To Understand the Causes of Things
  • Original-Thought & Creative-Edge
  • Spirit of Excellence
  • Reduced-Risk
  • Value-Added
  • Competitive-Advantage
  • Breakthrough-Leadership