What is Monitoring?

Monitoring entails the methodical-collection of strategic information; data; its analysis; visualization, and reporting from projects and programs. It facilitates:

  • Collection of primary-data towards a set of indicators
  • Informed decision-making
  • Lessons-learning from past actions
  • Maximization of Value for Money
  • Transparency and accountability in monetary and staff resource-utilization

What is Evaluation?

Evaluation is the objective and systematic-assessment of projects and programs against a specified-criteria after they have been implemented. It is an ex-post analysis executed to determine effectiveness of activities and resource-inputs and whether the expected-outcome and related impact was achieved. It enable:

  • Testing, proving, and disproving assumptions
  • Effective governance of projects and programs
  • Explaining success or failures
  • Demonstrating relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, and coherence of programs
  • Identification of areas for improvement, re-design, and or replicability
  • Transparency from inception through to the realization of outcomes and benefits

RED Universal Consulting is uniquely placed to help you with your monitoring and evaluation needs.

We are the Consummate-Choice if you:

  • Need support in the planning, research, design, implementation, and or evaluation of your projects in any of our engagement areas.
  • Need a consultant to help create an inhouse M&E accountability system, framework, or toolkit.
  • Need advice on communicating results to clients, donors, or stakeholders.
  • Desire personal training in one of our M&E courses or seek accreditation for your organization.
  • Desire to further streamline your business-processes and improve performance.

Our Clients

  • Getwele Natureceuticals: A-Division of the Awele-Clinics
  • WELLCHiLD Promotion Organization of Nigeria
  • The Education Partnership (TEP Centre)
  • Nigerian Leadership Initiative (NLI)
  • European Union (EU), UNODC, UNDP
  • Co-Creation Hub

No matter how multi-faceted your needs may be, our consultants will work with you to develop effective-solutions tailored to your needs. Consultancy support is available in many forms including workshop-facilitation, coaching, mentoring, research-implementation, evaluation report-writing, project support, and advisory. Let us know what you need and we will identify the best way to assist.