We have a selection of case-studies available relating to some of the assignments with which we have been engaged. If you are interested in further information, please get in contact with us.

Case Study 1

Capacity-Assessment, Baseline-Study, and Countrywide-Mapping of Nigerian Civil Society Organizations (CSO's) involved in the Support to Anti-Corruption in Nigeria Project for the EU, UNODC, and UNDP in Abuja, Nigeria May 2014 to Nov 2014.

Case Study 2

Quantitative Data Gathering at public and private primary schools for University of Lagos Department of Medicine -- World Cities (WC2 network) Income Related Health Inequalities Research Study featuring Lagos as one of the five mega African cities of the world in Lagos, Nigeria February-March 2013.

Case Study 3

Quantitative & Qualitative Assessment of Non-State Education Innovations -- Identification, Nigeria Countrywide Scoping, Profiling, & Contribution to the Development of a Strategic Engagement Approach Report for The Education Partnership Centre (TEP Centre) in Lagos, Nigeria July - September 2013

Case Study 4

Applied Research, Analysis, and Contribution to M&E Report for Lagos EKO Secondary School Project for The Education Partnership Centre (TEP Centre) in Lagos, Nigeria October 2013

Case Study 5

Training on Project Implementation and M&E for Social Responsibility Projects carried out for NLI Associates at the October 2013 Future Leaders Seminar for the Nigerian Leadership Initiative in Lagos, Nigeria October 2013

Case Study 6

Design of the Monitoring and Impact Evaluation Plan to measure effects of Efiko web and mobile-based interactive testing and learning application on National Academic Curriculum Performance, WAEC, and NECO scores in five Nigeria States—Lagos, Rivers, Jigawa, Kano, and Abuja for Co-Creation Hub Technology in Education Program in Nigeria June 2014 to Aug 2015.

Case Study 7

Nationwide data-gathering, multi-method analysis, applied research, and academic publication investigating constraints encountered by off-grid Independent Power Producers (IPP’s); Energy Operators; Systems Integrators; and Energy Regulators in diversifying Nigeria’s energy mix and deploying industrial solar power services to manufacturing enterprises with suggested policy recommendations to address constraints for Nigerian Power Sector Stakeholders in Lagos & Abuja, Nigeria, Dec 2019 to March 2020.