Bolu Awe

Bolu is an electrical-engineer by training.  As a scholar he championed research and actioned a project on Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Economy, and their Potential Roles in Nigeria’s Energy Mix.
He currently works as a lecturing assistant at the Delta State University in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Bolu excels in servo-mechanics, control systems, data cleansing, storage structures, engineering, mining, and analytics using softwares like Excel, PowerBI, SQL, Python, and Bash and has worked remotely previously for Keyreply in Singapore; Seqhub Analytics and Tradegrid in USA; as well as the United Nations as an Automation Specialist, Data Scientist, and Operation Analyst respectively.  Furthermore, Bolu is adept at modeling financial statements, forecasting product revenues, discounted cash flows, business valuation, and net present value calculations and analyzes data extensively to determine trends and create insights that drive business decision-making.  

Overall, his numerical, analytical, problem solving, and project management skills successfully convey investment messages, ideas, nuances to team members and clients and as a data-analyst and engineer he is committed to generating high quality results for companies. 

On the civic front, Bolu was Team Lead for the Utilities Department during his Nation Youth Service Corps and Project Lead for University of Ibadan’s Electrical and Electronics Department.  He has also been active in Ibadan’s Clean City Initiative, a technology-driven social enterprise committed to eradicating plastic-waste pollution and severe flooding in Nigeria through the power of upcycling that creates jobs and economic liberation.

Bolu is a first-class honors graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Ibadan.