James Abah

James is a civil engineer with experience in sustainable infrastructure development and a keen interest in renewable energy. Before joining Red Universal Consulting, as a scholar, James investigated and authored the following cutting-edge research, “Generation of Biofuels Using Biomass & A Reactor;” worked for Neutrovest as a Chief Technological and Innovation Officer and also worked for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit--GIZ as a Junior Engineer on World Bank Nigeria Erosion & Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP). There he developed real time engineering problem solving skills in smart city solutions, programming, and project management as it relates to water resources management, control, flood mapping, structural engineering, and hydro-power generation.

Professionally, James has been recognized for proffering technical solutions to environmental degradation problems while working at NEWMAP, where he developed a computer model to simulate the flow of water through watersheds, tributaries, and lakes generating 80% reduction in run-off across 21 erosion-affected states in Nigeria. This run-off channeled into water sources has made hydro-power generation in Nigeria more efficient. Likewise, as part of the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program, James was named a fellow for his involvement in Nigeria’s socio-economic development.

Through his international work experience, James is capable of providing technical and non-technical support to clients and staff from a variety of backgrounds. He is an effective and knowledgeable renewable energy consultant with a remarkable capacity to tailor his services to the unique needs of each customer and a strong commitment to ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Academically, James obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University with key emphasis in Water Engineering, Renewable Energy, & Green Environment. He is a graduate member of Nigeria Society of Engineers and a member of International Association of Safety Professionals.