Pemii Akingboola

Pemii is an Electrical/ Electronics Engineer and Product Designer by profession. Prior to joining RED Universal, she developed vast experience in embedded systems, the design, and construction of solar powered inverters at Digitouch Electronics.  There she specialized in the adoption of programmed micro-controllers to design the inverter circuitry.  She also taught short-term courses in product design to students enrolled at the Center for Information and Telecoms Engineering.  With her skills in product design her goal is to promote clean electrical energy systems through the generation of efficiently designed low-budget power systems for Nigeria and other African nations.

Oluwapemiisin’s strengths include her analytical abilities and problem-solving skills when executing community inclined projects as well as her expertise in communications and a sound research and business acumen.  She is extremely passionate about ensuring the gender-divide in the advancement of renewable energy is continually reduced across Africa and globally.

Pemii has also held leadership capacities, one of which includes serving as the Chairperson of the Women in Engineering (WIE) that is part of IEEE at the University of Ibadan.  As an alumni of the International Huawei Seed for the Future Program focused on exposing young talents to Huawei’s cutting-edge ICT, local tech enterprises, and digital life, product lab, and training centers, Pemii was one of the top ten scholars in Nigeria awarded and selected for the program. 

She has a first-class Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Ibadan and is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE).